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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Can you say 9-0 and counting!

I guess that makes it 10 Big Sky Championships in a row...but who's counting! Maybe next year!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's been awhile!

Wow, this blogging thing takes up alot of time. Obviously I have been to busy to keep up with the posts. So......here is what is new.
Kids have been busy with school,homework,work,music, and hanging out with friends. We had 3 girls spend the night last Sat night. They had a dance contest etc...dressed up in weird clothes and stayed up way to late. We made them all a big breakfast the next morning and then the girls went and raked leaves for Gramma Mcnut
I of course had a difficult day of football watching and then went golfing. I may have to go to rehab for golf. I have gone 4 of the last 7 days, and can't seem to get enough. I am sure the weather will have a say in how much golf is left in the season. Trac has been working hard on the store. We have finally agreed on a logo for the store. Thank you Sabra for the great Logo! Amazing what you can find by looking in your own back yard. Trac and Taylor are going to market in L.A. next week so that should be fun yet very busy! I am sure they will find fun where ever they go. Trac has been very busy with work (getting all of her cases cleaned up before she leaves Dec 31st, and with the store planning. She has been doing such a great job of picking out flooring,shelving, colors, dressing rooms,clothing lines, and of course her speciality......networking. I have the utmost confidence that she can make this happen. That's about all I got for now. I will try my best to keep up with the posting but as you all know, life is busy!

Peace out

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The view is pretty nice up top.....again

Just a reminder to those west of the Rockies.
Montana Grizzlies 9 consecutive Big Sky Conf titles
14 consecutive Playoff appearances
5 of the last 11 Championship games
Voted Best Stadium for 1-aa by Sports Ill
Highest attendance in 1-aa 5 years in a row
Have beaten PSU Viqueens 7 of the last 9
Oh and in the poll that matters for playoffs
RANKED #1 Oh and if you look real hard you will see
PSU at about 34th! Feel free to share any Championships
Conference titles or records from your teams.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One more pic I forgot

The Frannies and us.

Elton John and Homecoming in Missoula

Hello all, we had a great time in Missoula this last weekend. Trac and I went to the Elton John concert with the Franjevics friday night. The show was great, he played for 2hrs 45min straight thru. The crowd was into it so it went quite well. Our girls and Jensen Franjevic hung out that night and drove around town (to be honest I don't remember what they did, so I am making the rest of this up.) I think they went to some high school football game or bowling or something. The next day Trac,Justin and I went to the stadium to try and get tickets for the kids for the football game. We eventually scored some and then proceeded to tailgate. The game was fun, however, the Griz didn't play their best game. Griz won 18-10! The Frannies and us went to the Depot for dinner and then proceeded to the downtown to do some more celebrating. These pics are of the kids after the game on the bridge. Oh and the one pic is of Brian Salonen after a few pallets of bud light.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Homecoming Pics

Here are some pics of Tay and Brooke in their Homecoming "clash day, and SNL skit day." Fun time was had by all. Bison won the football game 51-7.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Homecoming 2007

Well, this week has been homecoming for the mighty Great Falls High Bison. It has been a week of dressing crazy, powder puff football, King and Queen assembly, Parade, and will commence with the football game tonight. The girls have both been getting into it with the crazy clothes days etc... Brooke played in the Powder Puff game on Tuesday night. She was #00 and was a wide receiver. They played the freshman and won 6-0. The boys have to be the cheerleaders and watching them perform is about as funny as the game. I am sure we will go to the parade today, the theme is Saturday Night Live! So they will all be dressed as SNL characters. Then tonight is the Football game. Not much else new....Trac has been busy with the Architects picking colors, lighting etc... I try but have below average skill sets when it comes to picking out things like that. I know where my strengths are. Demolition and painting. One can sense the change of the season. Leaves are just starting to turn and nights are getting cooler.
It is making it harder to go golfing at sunrise. (to damn cold at 5:45) However......I am going tommorrow morning! Gotta go while you can! Pretty soon it will be time to bust out the ski's.
And after much, and I mean much thought, it sounds like I might play city league basketball again. We vowed that last year was our last, but......it sounds like we may play one more year. Getting to old for it, but I guess it keeps you healthy. I mean it isn't like I am canoeing up the freakin Missouri river with one paddle or something! (Now who in their right mind would do that?????) One last thing, Joyce and Ron you are in our thoughts and prayers. And we feel very positive that this trip to Rwanda will reap incredible rewards. Stay safe and do what you do...and things will all work out. Have a great weekend everyone and remember, tomorrrow is not guarnteed... so live for today!